Museum of Hanko

Date: Jeudi 25 juil. 2019 - samedi 31 août 2019

Welcome to the Museum of Hanko and learn about the history of Hanko through a special exhibition.

From 19th of May 2018 until 31st of March 2019 an exhibition about the German transit camp in Hanko will be shown. During the spring of 1942 the Germans built a transit camp for the soldiers who were shipped between Germany and the front at the Arctic Ocean. A village of 130 barracks was constructed and could house 3 300–4 400 soldiers at one time. When the soldiers arrived they were cleaned from lice and got clean clothes.
In 2014 archaeological digs under Jan Fast began at the site. He has been able to locate untouched places. The finds tell about the everyday life of soldiers; personal hygiene, alcohol and personal belongings, reminding of the people left at home.

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